Global Market Development

We may provide or assist in financing our clients
It's not unusual for small, growing public and private companies to have significant and ongoing cash needs to fuel their growth. Raising funds at a solid valuation that is not dilutive is all-important for current shareholders and management. Companies that raise funds at regularly higher levels gain the respect of their shareholders, competitors and the marketplace. In addition, the utilization of highly valued shares as an acquisition currency or to attract key employees is a hallmark of successful corporations the world over. Global Market Development's deep, wide network of human, investment, and financial resources can be instrumental in making a private placement or other financing successful. We have a multitude of ways to help companies obtain financing and grow.

  • Assist and invest in fully-funded private placements

  • Offer non-legal, process & success counsel in initial public offerings (IPOs)

  • Engineer reverse takeovers and mergers that succeed for shareholder and management benefit

  • Better than warm introductions to securities, accounting, and intellectual property professionals

  • Effective aid in loan and lease negotiations

  • Asset-based lending and the use of warrant and equity enhancements

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